GES Remains Focused During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Our priority is the safety and health of our offshore & onshore employees, customers, and contractors.

Our business continuity plans are constantly re-assessed and updated in maximum collaboration with our customers.

Our onshore employees are working from home and providing remote support to our customers and within our company as we social distance yet remain constantly connected through technology.

Our collective continued vigilance and commitment to our preventative guidelines are crucial.

Our departmental meetings are now remote, and we are focused on accomplishing the same quality work while separated yet connected.

We are encouraging all our employees to protect themselves and their families by practicing good hygiene, limiting travel and avoiding gatherings.

We are monitoring government guidance and programs and analysing the impact of these guidelines and programs on our company, our employees, and our operations.

Our managers across the organization are checking in regularly with our employees, customers, and contractors as together we find solutions to new challenges.

We are asking our employees to focus all their energy into the safe and efficient operation of our clients rigs, as it is imperative that we continue to deliver incident-free operations and execute flawlessly for our customers.